Frozen Watermelon Mint Mojitos

Is it a universal truth that parents are creatures of habit, that once they get on a kick, they are on that kick for quite some time with little to no variation? My parents have been all about the mojitos for a few years now, and it’s always the same thing: at 5 o’clock sharp, or at 9:45 right before the nightly news comes on, Mom will go pick mint from the backyard and muddle it with lime as per the recipe that she accidentally labeled as “MOJOTOS,”* Dad will say that he needs to make it up to Delaware soon so that he can re-up on handles of Tanqueray and Bacardi at Costco that will take him an entire year to drink, and then they will serve the mojitos in the same glasses in the same koozies while drinking them in their unspoken specified seats. It is a mojito gravy train that arrives with German regularity, a train that I am more than happy to board.

It’s nice, though, to switch things up, and when life gives you a massive watermelon, you make frozen watermelon mint mojitos, obviously. Well, “frozen,” since the thicker texture comes from blended watermelon and not ice. But it looks like a frozen drink and is just as fun and fruity and delicious, so I’m calling it like I drink it. Also, with no added sugar, this is technically “healthy,” so you’re practically on a cleanse. Like, Gwyneth Paltrow called, she wants her mojito back.

photo (11)Frozen Watermelon Mint Mojitos

Makes 2 decently sized drinks

8 mint leaves
1/2 a lime, sliced
3 cups watermelon
4 oz rum
Sparkling water

In fun mojito glasses, muddle mint leaves and lime slices (divided between the two glasses), and fill with ice. In a blender, add watermelon and rum, and blend until smooth and frothy. Pour over ice, and top with sparkling water. Drink with a straw, preferably one with an umbrella, because straws make everything taste better. Repeat until you are no longer annoyed by your parents asking you about “budgeting.”

*She wrote out the recipe, so this isn’t even a typo. She literally spelled it “mojoto.”

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